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Almond router setup
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Almond is the great router device that comes from the house of Securifi. This is basically a router device that is powered by loads of features and hardware capability unlike many other routers from leading brands. Today, we are going to talk about Almond router setup and some other instruction. The major purpose of this article is to teach readers about Almond router setup so, without further time let’s get started.

Securifi has practical experience in making multifaceted routers intended to be anything but difficult to utilize and simple to set up. The organization needs its items to be the center point of your shrewd home, and this is obvious in the touch screen of the Securifi Almond. The Almond is at the same time a Wi-Fi range extender, remote scaffold, and a customary router. It doesn’t give an immense expanded range, which is the reason it’s optimal for a medium-sized home with no man’s lands. When you consolidate the ease of use and adaptability, it’s a brilliant Wi-Fi supporter for your home.

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almond router

At $200, the Almond+ is for the people who need an adequate Almond router setup with a touch-screen interface, yet additionally, have a craving to control their manor. In any case, it comes up somewhat short both as a router and as a savvy home center point. Its Wi-Fi throughput is simply better than expected, and contrasted and committed center points like the Quirky Wink or the Staples Connect, its shrewd home controls are constrained. All things considered, the capacity to turn electrical things on and off on the off the cuff from your telephone makes the Almond+ the eventual fate of Wi-Fi routers.

How to connect the Almond as a range extender?

  • First of all, you have to plug the AC adaptor of your Almond router to the power source and power it by turning on the power button.
  • One has to wait for a couple of seconds until it gets power on. After that, you have to choose the language as per your needs which are showing in the language interface.
  • Now, choose the region on the Select region interface. After this, reboot your router and save the settings.
  • Choose the range extender and hit on the “next” button. On the step 3 interface, one will see all the information about the nearby wifi networks and one has to almond router setup to connect the range extender with the wireless network.
securifi almond plus
securifi almond almond router

Connecting the Almond device as a router:

  • Unplug the AC connector and Ethernet links of your Internet modem (Cable, xDSL or Fiber). In the event that your modem has a battery, it would be ideal if you evacuate it.
  • Sit tight for one (1) minute. In the event that your modem has a battery, re-embed it. Plug the AC connector of the modem once again into the electrical plug.
  • Sit tight for one (1) minute; at that point plug the AC connector of your Almond into the electrical plug.
  • If it’s not too much trouble sit tight for your Almond to control on.
  • Now, kindly select the dialect you need to utilize when you get to the Almond’s touch screen and Web UI (Note: The dialect can be changed through the symbol in the upper right corner of the touch screen anytime).
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almond router
  • Select the district you live in.
  • Your Almond will spare the settings and reboot.
  • Once your Almond has rebooted you’ll be welcomed by a Setup Wizard that will help you through the fundamental settings that will get you associated with the internet. Tap on the Start wizard button to set up your Almond.
  • By choosing Almond router setup from the touch screen and tapping on the next button.
  • Attach the network cable from your router device or other port from where you receive internet.
  • The router device will automatically detect your connection and provide all the settings via DHCP.
  • Step 5 interface will appear, click on the “Next” button to confirm the following instruction and click on the “next” button again.
  • Finally, hit on the “Finish” button t complete the configuration process.
almond wifi router
securifi almond plus

Using the Almond with an xDSL modem:

  • In the event that your internet supplier has indicated that your internet association utilizes DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), or if your internet association utilizes a Cable modem, at that point the accompanying steps ought to be taken to get your Almond associated with the Internet.
  • Select DHCP or Cable Modem from the menu on the screen and tap the “Next” button to proceed.
  • It would be ideal if you take after the on-screen guidelines of your Almond for this step. It’s essential that you take after these guidelines or your Almond may not have the capacity to associate with your modem. Once you’re done, if it’s not too much trouble tap [Next] to proceed and sit tight for the DHCP settings to be naturally recognized furthermore, spared.
  • On the off chance that you see a green square before the word Connected your Almond is currently arranged appropriately and is prepared to be utilized. It would be ideal if you observe the Almond remote name (SSID) and secret word now. Tap on [Finish] to spare the settings and settle the configuration.

Note: You can continuously locate your remote system SSID and secret word by tapping on the Wireless symbol on your Almond.

almond plus router
securifi almond 3

Connecting your Almond to the internet using static IP address:

  • On the off chance that you interface with the internet by means of an xDSL association, at that point take after these steps to arrange your Almond to associate with the internet through your modem. Note that the Almond does not bolster PPPoA ADSL associations.
  • Select DSL Dialup from the menu on the screen, a notice will show up on the screen, tap it to close it and after that tap on the Next button to proceed.
  • Enter your dial-up username and the secret key given by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and tap on the done button and after that Finish. Your Almond will spare the settings which will take a couple of moments.
  • Presently you have to choose the sort of DSL association you have. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about this data if it’s not too much trouble contact your Internet Service Provider. In the event that you’re utilizing PPPoE, your Almond will naturally recognize the settings for you once you tap on [Next] in the wake of having chosen PPPoE. In case you’re utilizing PPTP or L2TP, you have to fill in the extra settings in step 4 underneath.
  • It would be ideal if you fill in the required data and select the right alternatives. This data would’ve been given to you by your Internet Service Supplier. Tap on the Next button to proceed.
  • In the event that you see a green square before the word Connected your Almond is presently arranged appropriately and is prepared to be utilized. If it’s not too much trouble observe the Almond remote name (SSID) and secret key now. Tap on the finish button to spare the settings and conclude the setup.

Security settings of Almond router:

You can access the security settings of your Almond router setup by clicking on the “Security” icon on the interface. Getting engaging with this, you can easily change the by default Wi-Fi password of your router device. One can change the wireless encryption easily and the web UI admin password. You can also enable the screen lock on the Almond.

Wireless settings of Almond router:

The wireless setting interface of the Almond router setup allows the user to change various types of settings of the router including Wi-Fi name, password, broadcast, and many others. One can also enable the guest Wi-Fi that you would like to share with other users and which network do you want to set to give full access to the Wi-Fi. There are lots of people are using this router in their day to day life. Wi-Fi customers that interface with the guest SSID will approach the Internet as it were. Essentially give the primary SSID and watchword, or the guest SSID and secret word to customers depending on how much access you need them to have to your Almond.


In case you’re cheerful configuring routers today, or you have a numerous hub home system, you are not the Almond’s objective statistic. Be that as it may, if like me, you have companions who depend on you for technical support, this is an extraordinary item to suggest. The closest rivalry on Macs is Apple’s own Airport items. I utilize an Airport Extreme alongside three eight-port gigabit changes to integrate my rigging. In any case, even Apple’s Airport Utility is no place close as basic as the Almond. I purchased the Almond in view of its guarantee of convenience. In light of a while of utilization by a tech honest – and the declining calls for help – the Almond conveys.


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