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The job of the Amped sr300 range extender is mostly to sit somewhere within a range of the primary wireless router and rebroadcast the signals farther than the original access point can reach. It’s kind of like if you had a pair of speakers in one part of the house, but you added a second pair in another room so you could listen to music from the one source amplifier everywhere. For setting up your Amped sr300 range extender, you will be needed to visit .

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  • IP Address: The Internet Protocol address of the Range Extender.
  • Subnet Mask: It is the subnet of the SR300 Amped Range Extender.
  • Default Gateway: The access location to another network, usually the Range Extender or your router.
  • DHCP: The Range Extender includes a complex AUTODHCP feature to help manage the IP addresses within your Extended network and with your Home Network. When attached to a home network, the Range Extender will receive an IP address from your home network’s router and serve as a DHCP Client. However, when there is no connection, the Range Extender will serve as a DHCP Server. You can also manually control the IP settings of the Range Extender choosing Client, Server or Disabled from the DHCP drop-down menu. It is only for advanced users.
  • DHCP Client Range: It is is the range of IP addresses the Range Extender’s DHCP server will allocate to users and devices connected to the Range Extender.
  • Static DHCP: You may set a static IP address within your DHCP network. The Range Extender will trace the device via its MAC address and assign it a pre-defined IP address every time the device logs into the network, obtain IP settings from the Home router or manually register your IP settings.
  • Auto-Load Menu (Auto-DNS): When the Range Extender falls connection to your Home Network it will automatically take your web browser to the web menu. To turn this off, you need to disable Auto-DNS.
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Note: Disabling Auto-DNS will need that you locate the web menu using the IP address of the device. It is advised to note your IP address before switching this mode. If you are no longer be able to access the web menu, you will require performing a hardware reset.

  • Domain Name: The Domain Name enables you to modify the URL which is handled to access the Setup Menu for the Range Extender. For example, typing in the address field of the web browser while attached to the Range Extender will guide you to the Web menu for the Range Extender. If you forget the Domain Name you registered and can no longer access the Web menu; then you require to reset your Range Extender to default settings by holding the reset button on the back panel for 5-10 seconds.
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  1. Connect your PC with the wireless network of your amped SR300 WiFi range extender. The network name can be Amped_sr. If you are having problems with network connectivity. Use an Ethernet cable instead. Connect an Ethernet cable from your SR300 wifi range extender to your PC.
  2. Access any web browser on your PC and visit If this fails, enter as IP address. You will be redirected to Amped SR300 WiFi range extender’s Web management interface.
  3. On the SR300 dashboard, click on “More Settings” and in the drop-down menu, click on “IP settings.”
  4. In the IP settings tab, you will find all the above terms like IP address, DHCP, Default gateway, DHCP client range, Auto Load menu, etc.
  5. Click on IP address. By default it is
  6. Change the IP address which matches to your Internet Service Provider requirements. For this you can check for IP addresses from your ISP’s management interface.
  7. Enter new IP address and then move back to dashboard.
  8. Reboot your SR300 wifi range extender and the changes will be saved.
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Why change IP address?

The default IP address of the SR300 Range Extender is You can also find it out on the bottom label of the SR300. If you are using amped wifi router it is likely to have the same IP address as on your range extender. Hence, you should change the IP address of the SR300 to avoid the IP conflict which can be easily done on


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