AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi Router Setup and Installation

Amplifi setup

Unique Networks’ Amplifi setup HD promises complete coverage and fast network speeds for your whole home. And it delivers best networking isn’t exactly a new thing. But an easy way to get started and a setup routine that doesn’t need a network engineer to make everything work is new.

Even Google is taking part of a recent consumer push for fast and easy best networking in your house with Amplifi setup. Everyone needs fast internet for things like streaming movies or playing online games, and for some homes, children homework a single router solution won’t cut it. That’s where best networking comes in.

Not everyone needs a best network in their house. Most people live in homes with a footprint that most any good HD-end Wi-Fi router can cover. But wireless networks are affected by more than just distance; dense walls, metal framing or easy installation conduit and HVAC duct work can wreck an otherwise strong wireless signal.

amplifi hd mesh router

If you have dead spots in your house or even places where the network is just too slow, you need to extend your signal somehow then Amplifi setup is best solution.

Recently, that meant a range extender that uses its own access point. They were easy to setup and installation, but you needed to know which network to connect to and you lose bandwidth when using one. Now, a product like the Amplifi setupcan give you all the speed you need and the bandwidth for things like streaming or uploading big files with no extra network to build and a simple setup process.

The setup process and admin features:

Everything here is easy and fast. A consumer product needs to be easy and fast. Some of us are comfortable calculating subnets and programming an IPchain firewall, but most people want and need easy instructions to get started and running in a way that does everything they need.

ubiquiti mesh router

The hardware Amplifi setup  is the same as every other router — connect your modem to the WAN port with an Ethernet cable, then power in back on. Remember that in this case, everything means the base station, your modem and any mesh points you want to use.

You can then open a web browser and automatically be directed to an information page  setup (imagine what you see at a hotel when you use the in-room Wi-Fi) but the easiest and supported way to get started is with the Amplifi app.

You can set up the Amplifi HD Home system in just a few minutes. So could you;

Sit down in front of the base station and open the app after you have everything set up. The app directs your phone to connect to a direct connection with the Amplifi base station, and after tapping a buttons when prompted and typing in your network name and password you’re done.

ubiquiti networks amplifi hd

You found the smart band steeringsoftware that automatically connects you to the best channel based on your location and overall load to do an excellent work. If all you need to do is get a good Wi-Fi signal everywhere in your home, the Amplifi HD is 100% plug-and-play.

When you open the Amplifi HD app, you see the overview. The base station and mesh nodes connected are displayed along with their current status. You’ll also find the number of connected clients and upload and download fast speeds displayed.

Quick shortcuts and LEDs for performance monitoring, guest network settings, network management and diagnosis are across the bottom. Tapping on the base station opens the settings where you can pick things exactly how you need them.

Besides hardware features like display brightness and enabling or disabling system sound there’s even a programmable night mode for the front display you’ll find most of the settings you would with a traditional router tool towards the hobbyist.

  • Band segregation allows us to use the two radios (2.4 and 5GHz) independently, each with their own SSID.
  • Port forwarding. It works and your FTP server didn’t skip a beat.
  • MAC Address Cloning.
  • Full DHCP server settings.
  • Encryption settings.
  • Guest network settings, including lease times.
  • SSID visibility settings.
  • Routers drive to force connections to the base station instead of a mesh node.
  • Channel selection and width if you choose to not use the built-in band drives.

amplifi hd home wi fi system

Setup and installation configuration

Setting up the AmpliFi HD mesh WiFi router was incredibly easy and fast. Before started, unplugged all power cords and Ethernet cords from there AirPort Extreme base stations. The following steps took about five minutes to complete, and set up and running:

  1. Download AmpliFi app from App Store
  2. Plug in AmpliFi base station
  3. Connect base station to Comcast modem via Ethernet cord.
  4. Setup base station via mobile app
  5. Plug in the two Mesh Points in other rooms of the house

You cannot stress how painless the setup was, compared to the configuration required connecting the AirPort base stations.


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