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While buying an app or iTunes music, accessing iCloud email or other services, iPhone and Mac users have to use their Apple ID and password so frequently. To update an OS, there is a need for a password that you wouldn’t think we’d forget our password. Many of us got confused or forgot the password that we have created while buying new iPhone, maybe you picked one that was too complicated to remember. Whatever the reason is, forgetting the password to your Apple ID account can be a serious pain, so I am going to explain how to reset it. There are many reasons for your password not working like your password might not be working because it’s been locked by Apple for security reasons because an attempt had been made to hack it. Should this happen to you and if you have forgotten the password to the admin account on your Mac then you may also find this article helpful.

Resetting the Apple Password:

  • Open the web page of Apple ID by using and click o “Forgot Apple ID or password” option.

  • Now enter the email address you use with your Apple ID and click on continue.
  • You need to enter some text to prove that you are a human being, not a robot and if you are not able to read the text then just keep clicking until you can.
  • The next step will depend on the type of security you have to set up for your Apple account. If you want to set up two-step verification or two-factor authentications then this will involve receiving details via another device.

  • If you don’t want to setup these levels of security then it will be a case of getting an email or answering some security questions as explained below:

When setting up a new iPad, Mac or iPhone, you were probably asked to enter answers to some security question and you can choose to answer your security question these are the steps you can go through:

  1. Start by entering your date of birth.
  2. Then Apple will ask you two questions. Enter the correct answers and you will arrive on the reset password page.
  3. The new password should be of 8 or more characters including upper and lowercase letters and one number and enter the new password two times. The password cannot contain the same character three times in a row and you are not allowed to reuse a password you have used earlier.

Even if you have forgotten your answers to security question then you are still able to request that the link to change the password for your Apple ID is sent to the alternative email you registered to the account and you can also change the questions by going to and if you are not able to reset it till now or have any confusion then visit for more details and steps for resetting the password of your Apple ID.


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