Common Interface Options for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter setup

EdgeOS is the working system firmware that is available on all EdgeRouter routers. It is an advanced and earth-shattering working system, that enables you to manage the settings of your edge router. You can change the settings of your EdgeRouter router through the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter setup page. There are numerous common interface alternatives accessible through the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter setup in the EdgeOS interface. These are –

  • Welcome
  • CLI
  • Toolbox
  • Alerts
  • System

Required fields are set apart by a blue indicator *. At the point when the data symbol is shown, you can tap the symbol for more data around a choice.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter setup

Welcome: | Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Setup

At the upper left of the screen, click Welcome to see the Logout alternative

Logout – To physically log out of the EdgeRouter Configuration Interface, click this alternative.


Propelled clients can roll out arrangement improvements utilizing Linux directions. At the upper right of the screen, click CLI.


At the upper right of the screen, click Toolbox. Every tab of the EdgeOS interface contains network organization and checking instruments. At the upper right of the screen, tap the Toolbox catch. The Toolbox drop-down menu shows up. The accompanying network organization and observing apparatuses are accessible:

  • “Ping” – You can ping different devices on the network straightforwardly from the EdgeRouter. The Ping device utilizes ICMP parcels to check the starter interface quality and bundle dormancy estimation between two network devices. Click Ping, and the Ping screen shows up. At that point, you can enter goal have/IP, bundle tally, parcel estimate and so forth and snap Run test. Bundle misfortune measurements and idleness time assessment are shown after the test is finished.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter setup

  • “Bandwidth” – You can run a speed test as the sender or recipient. To run the test between two routers, run it as a beneficiary toward one side and sender on the opposite end. On the sender, enter the beneficiary’s IP address and snap Run Test. Snap Bandwidth and the Bandwidth screen shows up. At that point, you can change its settings like – Receiver IP address, convention, term, UDP transmission capacity, switch course, and so forth.
  • “Trace” – The Trace apparatus follows the jumps from the EdgeRouter to a predefined active IP address. Utilize this apparatus to discover the course taken by ICMP parcels over the network to the goal have.
  • “Discover” – The Discover device looks for all Ubiquiti devices on your network. The Search field consequently channels devices containing indicated names or numbers as you enter them.
  • “Packet Capture” – Capture parcels going through the predefined interface for investigation. You can set up channels to catch the particular kinds of bundles you are looking for.
  • “Log Monitor”- The Log Monitor is a log showing live updates.


The quantity of new alerts is shown in a red popup. At the base of the screen, tap the Alerts tab. A table shows the accompanying data about each vital occasion.

edgemax router

  • Message – A portrayal of the occasion is shown.
  • Field – The settings that are influenced by the occasion are shown.
  • Actions – The accompanying alternatives are accessible:
    • Remove Click this catch to clear an alarm.
    • Clear All Click this catch to clear all cautions.

Tap the upper right corner of the Alerts tab to close it.


At the base of the screen, tap the System tab to get to the device settings. The device settings are composed into these segments:

  • “Basic Settings” – It contains the fundamental settings of the EdgeRouter like Hostname, Domain name, name server, NTP, Gateway and so forth.
  • “management Settings” – It contains alternatives for SSH Server, Telnet Server, System log, UBNT revelation, SNMP operator, and so forth.
  • “Configuration Management & Device Maintenance” – This alternative contains reinforcement config, reestablish config, overhaul system picture, reset config to default and so forth.
  • “Restart and Shut Down Router” – Here, you can discover restart and close down router alternatives.

So these are the common interface alternatives accessible in Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Setup .


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