Common Troubleshooting for Amped wireless SR300 Extender device | amped wireless setup

55 amped wireless setup

Q: I have a DSL association utilizing a Westell 6100 wireless modem in an office on my property. I have another PC inside the home roughly 100′ away. I had an extra DSL association for the home yet chose to get rid of it when I understood I could utilize the Amped Wireless Repeater SR300 with my http // , amped wireless setup .

I setup the repeater and it worked impeccably for more than three weeks. My flag quality at the repeater is 35%. My hard line download speed is 12mpbs. At the point when associated wirelessly with the Amped gadget the speed is around 3mpbs which is adequate for my web utilization. The speed was steady (until obviously the association between the repeater and switch was lost).

Are you facing the same problem with your Amped wireless SR300 extender device? Well, this is not the only problem that is occurring on the Amped wireless SR300. There are lots of problems occur on the SR300 extender device.

amped wireless setup

Expecting it may be a flag quality issue I added a Wireless N switch toward the Westell gadget and my flag quality at the repeater went from 35% to 64%. This functioned admirably for around 3 days then the flag dropped once more. I ensured the Wireless N switch and Amped gadget were on a similar channel. Before the Wireless N switch, I guaranteed the gadget and Amped devicewas utilizing a similar channel via amped wireless setup .

I have not crossed over the Westell DSL modem into the Wireless N switch yet as I was simply trying up to this point. Any assistance is enormously refreshing.

I entered and it neglected to open the Web Menu.

  1. Ensure your PC is associated with the Smart Repeater utilizing the included Ethernet link. Do not attempt to associate with a wireless association. Guarantee that the power on the Smart Repeater is on.
  2. Close your present web program and revive it. Attempt the web address once more.
  3. Endeavor to utilize an alternate web program. We suggest the Google Chrome web program.
  4. Attempt to open your web program to the default IP address by putting this number into your web program rather: or go to the amped wireless setup page.
  5. Power off (unplug the power connector) the Smart Repeater and power it back on. Attempt once more.
  6. Reset your Smart Repeater to default settings by holding the Reset Button (situated on the backboard) for ten (10) seconds and attempt once more.

http //

The range from the Smart Repeater appears to be low | amped wireless setup

  1. Verify that your wireless yield settings are at 100%. Go to the Web Menu, Wireless Settings,what’s more, check the Advanced Settings. Ensure the yielding power is at 100%.
  2. Your Smart Repeater might be installed in a poor area. Abstain from setting up your Smart Repeater in zones with high impedance, for example, close ice chests, microwaves, metallic protests,and low surfaces. Install the Smart Repeater in a higher area if conceivable.
  3. Check the associations of the Antennas to the Smart Repeater. Fix them if fundamental.
  4. Change the Antennas of the Smart Repeater in various edges.


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