Firmware update for Linksys RE6350 range extender |

linksys extender setup

If you Setup wireless router at your home and you don’t have time to check updates here you missing the important security and fresh feature. Benefits of update is you have latest and secure version, you should also do security updated via email from router company best way to complete product registration  during given the option  to receive notification for new software is available for router, This is chore but you have lot of trouble in long run.

Follow these steps to upgrade range extender |

Here you do open browser for your PC log in web based setup

  • Enter this in your address bar
extender linksys setup
linksys extender setup
  • Then enter your range IP address if ranger not detects DHCP server then the default IP address is 192:168:1.1
  • Enter range extender admin password if you change password enter instead, the default password admin in field tap to login
extender.linksys setup
extender linksys setup
  • Tap to Firmware upgrade under administration
  • Go to administration
  • Then management
  • Click log
  • Then diagnostics
  • Tap to factory default
  • Firmware upgrade
  1. Two methods in upgrading extender firmware automatic and manual update

Manual update:

linksys extender setup re3000w
linksys range extender setup

For manually update firmware tap to file button and start the firmware files you downloaded then click open, start update firmware on the clicking on start button.

Automatic update:

linksys range extender setup
http // setup

Extender automatic detect new firmware if available, if the firmware is available then click update button to start firmware, if you are busy or you don’t have time then for automatic update check auto update range.

People   have their router is the occasional turn on and turn off when in router problems, this will damage your data and even your bank account is at risk. It is very important to update your router firmware, regularly, if you don’t know that your all information like banks, cards etc is passing through the router, if you compromised it will damage your privacy and security. Router also have criminal activities like attack on websites and illegal download, ones they hacked your router they used your service and attack your websites.

After all this firmware update will upload to router and router will reboot, here you see a page with 15 second countdown after complete over to router’s admin page by type enter admin and password none if your black password is not working try admin on password


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