How to hard reset the AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi Router?

Amplifi setup

Introduction: | Amplifi setup

By now you’ve likely heard about using a Amplifi setup mesh network to cover your home or small business with a good Wi-Fi signal in everywhere using more access points, not just repeaters. We liked Unique which bundled its own router and two mesh access points to cover up to 25,000 square feet of space with a strong Wi-Fi signal on more than one channel.

Now you can purchase just one of their mesh access points, the AmpliFi HD MeshPoint, and use it either with their system router or any router, to create a mesh network in your home or anywhere.

ubiquiti networks amplifi hd

How to setup:

It’s very simple just you plug the unit into a power cord where you are not getting strong enough coverage, download & install the AmpliFiafi setup app for either iOS or Android, and run it. The Amplifi setup app uses Bluetooth to find the MeshPoint and just put the password for your existing Wi-Fi network. The AmpliFi HD MeshPoint connects. It’s your choice to make the Wi-Fi password and the Mesh point’s administrative password or create another one.

When I just start the MeshPoint at home, I found the “Quick Start Guide” and the actual steps shown in the app .Just , you need to tell the app whether you’re trying to join an existing AmpliFiHd Home router’s network or a third-party router’s network. Once the connection is made, the Mesh Point connected. In the app, you can turn off that sound, and LED signal lights, when you choose after that first connection is made

The app also provided you stats on your Wi-Fi throughout; you can create your “profiles” and schedule Internet access – such as turning it off in part of the house so kids or grandkids can’t use the Internet when they’re supposed to be sleeping; and upgrade, reboot or factory reset any MeshPoint you connect to.

Amplifi setup

The AmpliFi HD home MeshPoint did give me a 5-bar signal in a corner of my house The MeshPoint’s antenna adjustable so you can adjust it for best coverage if necessary. It works on both the faster 5 G and the slower but stronger 2.4 GHz band.It Small size of confusion: on the box and included guide, the device is called the “MeshPoint HD Home Router,” while on their website, it’s the AmpliFi HD MeshPoint.

Hard reset instructions for unique Networks AmpliFi HD Home Router ( Amplifi setup ):

If your AmpliFi HD home Router (AFi-R) router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, Then you should first do a reset of the router why this problems arises. Other story line where you might want to reset your router are if you’ve forgotten the password or misconstrued it and can’t get access anymore.
Your can reset your Unique Networks AmpliFi HD Home Router (AFi-R) in the following way(s):

The 30 second reset:

  1. When Amplifi HD home router is powered on, press the reset button and hold it 30 second.
  2. While holding the reset button pressed, unplug the power of the router and hold the rest button for 30 second again.
  3. While still holding the reset button down, turn on the power to the unit again and hold button for 30 second again.

In this way, reset any Amplifiafi setup HD Home Routerto its factory setting. And enjoy the world of networking. In this docent we show you how to reset the AmpliFi HD Mesh router back to the original factory defaults. Itis not the same thing as a reboot. A reboot is simple and easy cycles to power  the device. You can do this by simple unplugging the device and plugging it back in after about 30 -40 seconds.

amplifi hd home wi fi system

Some of the settings that need to be changed after a reset Amplifi HD home Router are:

  • The router’s login username and password.
  • The router’s Wi-Fi SSID/network name and password.
  • If a DSL router, you need to re-enter the ISP (Internet Service Provider) username and password. Call your ISP for these details.
  • Any password or username, port forwarding, scheduling, or IP addresses you can changed.

Reset the AmpliFi HD Mesh

  1. Turn the router around you find a button, this is a recessed reset button.
  2. While the Amplifi setup on and press down on the reset button for about 10 second.
  3. Login to the Amplifi setup.
  4. Change the password.( make a strong password)

Bottom Line

Good performance, excellent features, excellent range, and a quick and simple setup process combine to fill a home with Wi-Fi with the AmpliFi HD kit. Right now, it’s the best product to beat in an increasingly competitive category.


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