How to Login Tenda A301 Extender page?

tenda range extender

Wireless networks are awesome and they enable us to appreciate the world with fewer links and restrictions, yet despite everything, they represent an undeniable impediment and that is the range setup . There are a few different ways that you can battle this and increment range, inclusion, and execution and one of them is through Wireless Range Extenders. Today I’m investigating Tenda’s A301 Wireless N300 Universal Range Extender that is an answer for simply such a situation.

The Tenda A301 wireless N300 Universal Range Extender is intended to enhance and stretch out your current wireless network to the uttermost corner of your home. It conveys transmission rates up to 300Mbps, it includes a divider mounted outline, brilliant flag markers, and two outside receiving wires.

The fitting outline enables you to put the Tenda A301 straightforwardly in any electrical plug and upgrade your wireless signs from that point on. Regardless of whether your house is too huge for your present routers inclusion or you’ll need to make the most of your Wi-Fi in the garden or on the patio, a range extender is a smart thought.

You are as of now mostly finished with the setup when you have connected the A301 territory extender to a divider attachment or electrical string. The implicit WPS button is the main thing that is left to press once it’s prepared. You’ll need to press the WPS button on your router first though, however, the setup direct clarifies all that on the off chance that you don’t definitely know it.

About Tenda A301: | setup

Tenda additionally incorporated a manual setup alternative for the uncommon examples where the WPS ought to fall flat or your router doesn’t include a WPS button and capacity. The sticker on the back of the unit will disclose to you how to associate with the setup interface where you physically can associate it to your Wi-Fi network and additionally define different settings.

A301 is an N300 Mini Wi-Fi repeater committed for two-story houses, manors, and multi-room houses with a territory more than 120 square meters. It presents to 300 Mbps information rate on the 11n band. With two outside omnidirectional reception apparatuses, A301 can give bigger Wi-Fi inclusion, and also outrageous quick information rate, fulfilling applications, for example, playback of 1080P HD recordings, greatly multiplayer web-based amusements, and rapid download.

With the redesign Setup Wizard, it just finds a way to configure your repeater, which is anything but difficult to utilize. A301 likewise works better with another brands’ Wi-Fi router accessible available.

How to login Tenda A301 Range Extender through setuppage?

  • Place the wireless range extender device close to the wireless router and plug the device to the power outlet.

tenda n300 range extender

  • You have to connect the wireless client to the range extender and connect it using an ethernet

tenda wifi repeater tenda_ext

  • Configure the computer with the network by going to the Open Network and Sharing Center.

wireless n300 universal range extender

  • Change the adapter setting by clicking on it.

tenda wireless n300 universal range extender

  • Simply, right-click on the “Local Area Connection” and choose the properties option from the popup.

tenda wireless n300 range extender

  • After that, you have to double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4”) radio button.

tenda n300 universal range extender

  • One has to choose the Obtain IP address and Obtain DNS server address automatically.

tenda range extender

  • Hit on the “OK” button.

tenda n300 range extender

  • Open the Tenda setup page by opening the Tenda login page on a web browser.

tenda wifi repeater tenda_ext

So, these are steps on how to login Tenda A301 extender page through setup page.

wireless n300 universal range extender

The establishment of Tenda’s A301 is as simple as it could be. Connect it to an outlet before squeezing the WPS button on your router pursued by the WPS button on the repeater. All done and you are prepared to shake with a superior inclusion.

In the event that the WPS statement ought to come up short or your router doesn’t have a WPS work, at that point regardless it’ll work and it isn’t substantially more muddled. The A301 has its very own little web server worked in with a fundamental configuration setup. From here you can associate it with your present wireless network physically.

Tenda’s web interface gives a couple of a bigger number of choices than generally found in such devices and that is a decent thing to see. I am anyway not an aficionado of the textual style they utilized for the interface. The first page is the snappy setup that is fundamentally the same as a WPS setup. Enter the SSID of your ordinary wireless network alongside the secret word and encryption compose and spare


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