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http:// Belkin.range
http //belkin.range

Belkin wifi extender devices easy to use and easy install for new users. There is default web utility that is used to manage Belkin wifi extender device and that device is http:// Belkin.range. there are many configurations that are possible if you can easily access Belkin.range login address. Belkin extender setup page is possible using your computer device or your mobile devices. In this article we will explain simple steps for accessing Belkin extender login page.

How to Access Belkin WiFi Extender Login Page using http:// Belkin.range ?

  • Provide power supply to your Belkin wifi extender device and power LED will be solid green in color.
  • From your computer device search for wifi network available at the time. You can easily recognize Belkin wifi extender because that will name as “Belkin.Setup”.
belkin range extender setup
  • You can now launch web browser at your computer device and fill http:// Belkin.range web address in address bar of your web browser. You can also use http:// IP address because both of these web addresses will work same.
  • Because you are connected with Belkin range wifi connections so you will get Belkin extender setup page at your home screen. You can then manage your setting regarding wifi extender device.

There you can manage settings for your Belkin wifi extender device and you can easily get wifi connections for your computer devices.

Connecting Window 8 Computer Device with Belkin Range Extender WiFi Access

If you have computer device with Windows 8 operating device then you will need to get following steps for connecting your devices with internet connections.

  • From your keyword, you can press “Windows+8” button.
  • After that click on “Network” option.
  • There you will find SSID or network name that your Belkin wifi extender device is broadcasting. SSID name will be “Belkin.Setup”.
  • Select that network and click on “Connect” button.
  • Fill password for accessing Belkin range extender wifi connections.
belkin.range setup

These are simple steps for connecting your Windows 8 computer device with wifi connections your Belkin range extender is broadcasting.

I Can’t Access Belkin Range Extender Login Page

There can be a number of possible reasons why you can’t access your Belkin wifi extender login page at your computer device. We are also explaining some troubleshooting tips so that you can easily access Belkin extender setup page using http:// Belkin.range web address.

  • First make sure you are using correct login address for Belkin wifi extender setup page. You can use http:// Belkin.range web address or you can also use http:// IP address at your web browser.
  • If you are using any old version of web browser then you will need to update it first. Updating a web browser is not a big task. You can update your web browsers at free of cost.
  • When Belkin range extender users do not update their router device for a long time, there are possibilities that you face problems with accessing your Belkin engage extender login page.
  • When you connect your Belkin wifi extender device with computer system, use Ethernet cable for these connections. Wireless connections can get disturbed with other wireless connections that are traveling across your home.
  • When you find SSID at your computer device, make sure that you Belkin range extender is broadcasting that SSID. You will need correct admin login password for accessing accurate Belkin extender device.
  • If your computer device is not getting accurate login address from your router device or from your wifi extender devices then you can’t access Belkin wifi extender login page.

Resetting Belkin Range Extender Device

If you can’t access Belkin wifi extender login page after trying all these tricks then we will suggest that you must reset your Belkin wifi range extender once. Here we are explaining tricks for resetting your Belkin wifi extender device using some simple steps.

  • If you can access your Belkin wifi extender login page then you can reset your Belkin range extender to default settings using “Restore Factory Defaults” button. This reset button is available under “Utilities” option.
  • If you can’t access login page for your extender device then you can press the reset button for your device using any sharp object and your device will rest to default settings.

When you reset your Belkin wifi extender device to default settings, you will notice that default login user name and password will be removed from your wifi extender device. You can now access your Belkin wifi extender configuration page using http:// Belkin.range web address.


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