TP-Link wifi router devices are easy to configure and easy to setup and for that you will need to setup your tplink device using http:// login page. Of the tplink users, do not get access for tplink router login page easily and that is the reason, we are writing these article. There, you will find computer steps for making login for your tplink router device and you will also get troubleshooting if you can’t access tplink router login page easily.

Steps to Access TP-Link Router Login Page using http:// 

  1. When you need to access tplink wifi router login page, you will need Ethernet cable for connecting your devices. You can use WAN or LAN port for connecting your tplink wifi router and computer device. You can also connect your devices wirelessly.
  2. Provide power supply to your tplink wifi router device, computer device and modem devices that you are using.
  3. Open web browser that you are using for your computer device.
  4. After that fill http:// web address in the address bar and then click on the enter key.
  5. After that you will get the options for filling tplink wifi router login user name and password for your device login.
  6. You are not at the wireless configurations page of your tplink device. You can then change other settings like admin login access, firmware update and MTU settings for your tplink device.

You will need a computer device for accessing the login page for your router login page because there is no login page tplink router device. If you are not getting easy access for tplink wifi router login page then you can try troubleshooting steps that we are explaining in following session.

Can’t Access http:// TP-Link Login Page? 

  • Make sure that power supply for your devices is correct and power LED must be solid green in colour.
  • Make sure that you are using correct login address for accessing tplink router login. You can use http:// web address or you can also use http:// IP address.
  • Make sure that mode devices that you are using are working correctly. Read the user manual carefully and reconfigure your tplink modem from starting. You can reset your device to factory default settings and reconfigure this device.
  • If you find that you can’t access tplink login page then you will need to power cycle your devices. You can remove power cycle your device by removing power supply for your device for few seconds.
  • Clear cache memory for your web browser and then access http:// once again. You can also change the web browser that you are using.

 These are the simple troubleshooting tips that you can try if you are not able to access tplink router login page from your computer device.

Steps to Change Admin Login Password for http:// 

If you need to secure your device admin login, you will some simple steps for that. In this article, we are going to explain steps for changing the admin login password for accessing http:// login page.

  1. For changing admin login password for tplink wifi router device, you will need to access tplink router configuration page first.
  2. If you forgot the tplink router login password then you will need to hard reset your device to default settings by pressing the reset button for few seconds.
  3. After accessing tplink router login page, you will need to go for “Management” page for your device.
  4. Choose “Access Control” from there.
  5. After that, at last, you can click on “Password” option.
  6. There you will find three possible options and there you will need to fill first fill current password for your device and then fill new password for http:// You can’t use same passwords for router login access.

These are the steps that you can follow and then you can change the login password for your tplink wifi router device. You can then easily access configuration page for your device and then you will able you get high speed internet connections for your computer and laptop devices.


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