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A positive learning environment is a key to creating a connection with the readers as well as ensuring they can learn without any issue. But creating a positive learning environment is not as easy as it may seem. It doesn’t just happen by accident but needs to be planned carefully. To create a positive learning environment, a teacher needs to make sure that all students in their class can keep up with the lessons. But keeping everyone on the same level is very challenging as every student is different and they all learn at their own pace.

So, to overcome this obstacle, teachers can use adaptive learning principles to get a firm view on every student’s growth. Adaptive learning is the use of technology to assess a student’s growth and evaluate their academic standing. Many programs that utilize the concept of adaptive assessment are popping up due to the positive results it has shown I improving students learning. The i-Ready is one of the best adaptive learning and assessment programs that delivers a deep and customized evaluation of students and then track their growth and performance. Using the i-Ready tool, parents and teachers can identify the problems the individual students may be facing in their studies and then lay out a plan to remove them. The i-Ready program can be used for adaptive learning from kindergarten to high school, making it one of the most flexible assessment tools.

i-Ready has many advantages for both students and the teachers. First, it lets the teachers make an assessment of individual students to see where they stand academically. After making the assessment, teachers can use the i-Ready to layout personalized lessons for each student. Teachers can then use the data generated from the assessment and have a firm understanding of their student’s growth. Students too can benefit from it as they can track their growth over the session and encourages them to keep working hard. Moreover, the reports generated by i-Ready are easy to read that enables teachers to create a detailed plan for individual and group instruction.

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