Install TP-Link 11N wireless router to work with a DSL Modem

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If you installing TP-Link 11N wireless router device to your network, there are a number of benefits that you will receive with these advance devices. In this article, we are explaining steps for making configurations for your TP-Link 11N wireless router device so that it can work as DSL modem device. All these configurations will be possible using http // admin page from your computer.

Here are the Steps to Configure TP-Link 11N wireless router Device as DSL Modem 

  • First you will need to remove power supply to your tplink wifi router device, modem device all other wireless devices that are installed to your home network.
  • Using Ethernet cable, you can connect your tplink wifi router device with computer device. You can use WAN and LAN port of your devices for connecting your devices and then you can go for next step.
  • You can connect your TP-Link 11N wireless router with modem device. These connections must be accurate so that you can access http // admin page for your device. admin tp link tplinkwifi net login tplinkwifi net login

  • Open web browser at your computer device and access the tplink wifi router login page. You can use http:// IP address for your device login access.
  • From the configuration page of your TP-Link 11N wireless router device, you can find WAN connection type for your router device. You can easily select the WAN connection for your device using the drop down menu.
  • For PPPoE connection you can fill the user name, password and once again confirm the password for your device.

tplinkwifi net login

  • When you need to configure the secondary connection for your device, you can choose “Disable”, “Dynamic IP”, and “Static IP” option for your device.
  • After that you can configure “WAN Connection Type” for TP-Link 11N wireless router device. You can configure maximum ideal time for your router device.

tplinkwifi net login

  • At the end, click on “Save” button and you can save these settings for your http // admin

These are the steps that you will need and your TP-Link 11N wireless router device will start working as a DSL modem device. If you find that your device is not working properly after applying all these steps then you will need to power cycle your device.

You can easily power cycle your devices by removing power supply for your TP-Link 11N wireless router device and then wait for few seconds. You can then provide power supply to your device. You can also use http // admin page to power cycle your devices. For that you will once again need to connect your tplink wifi router device to computer system using Ethernet cable.

Also, remember that you can configure your TP-Link 11N wireless router device as DSL modem if your router device is a cable modem. In that case, you can easily get wifi access for your wireless devices and you will not need any kind of special activities for that.


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