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Every network has IP address like computer, Smartphone and other gadgets and more ,Check local IP address of Linksys router, it used to access router web setup page, also default gateway is configured your PC adapter it connects to network, important to check local IP address to make that you using correct address, and you should using the correct address of you router for default IP address of router amped wireless range extender setup before checking IP address of router make sure your PC is connected with wirelessly.

amped wireless setup
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 For window 10 | amped wireless range extender setup

bv zxz m.First tap to network setting in setting click advanced option after this here you see information in the properties section here you can see your IP address if you use wired connection head to setting then network and to internet Tap to Ethernet here you see the list select one you want and then click properties and you will see you IP address.

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amped wireless setup

For window 7 | amped wireless range extender setup

You also find information in other way.

Go to control panel then network sharing and tap to change adapter setting then right tap connection which you want then choose status from menu, in Ethernet status window tap details button, in network connection details window have information that you want and also find information of window by opening command prompt.

amped wireless setup
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Fort macOS | amped wireless range extender setup

Connected via Wi-Fi the best way to find information is hold down option key and tap the Wi-Fi icon in menu at top of screen, you will see Mac IP address and other details here will a show information About wireless network one more way to find information by apple menu and go to heading to system then preferences network select your connection and tap to advanced here you will see TCP/IP the MAC address on hardware tab.


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