LED Indicators and back panel options for Amped wireless device


The wireless range extender is one of the major devices for any multiplayer gamer or person who loves to stream online. As we know wireless signals have limited range around the home. In order to boost the wireless router signals to reduce the Wi-Fi signals in dead zones. When we talk about smart repeaters, there are lots of players available in the market. When it comes to choosing best one, it is quite difficult. If you are seeking to buy brand new reliable and powerful smart repeater then, your search is over. Here, we in Amped wireless smart repeater is best for you. This is a smart repeater that comes from the house of Amped that is mainly known for its powerful network solutions. So, let’s talk about Amped wireless in detail.

This smart repeater is equipped with lots of features that make difficult for its competitors to offer such specification at that price range. But, due to lots of features, it is a little bit confusing for the user to setup and under the indications, such as LED indicators and backup panel options. If you just bought it and want to know about Amped wireless LED indicators and back panel option then, follow this article. Here, we will talk about on the above features and give you effective and easy to understand the solution.

Amped wireless has a couple of LED indicators at the front top of the smart repeater. Including WPS, Wired connections, Wireless Activity, and power.

WPS: WPS aka Wi-Fi protected setup that will blink when the WPS mode is active. It will start blinking when the smart repeater is waiting for incoming connection.

Wired connections: There are almost 5 LED indicators available for wired connection. This will show the connections and data activity by every single LAN wire. You can plug up to 5 LAN wire to this repeater. Every single wired connection LED is connected with each other.

Wired Activity: This LED indication indicate the internet is working or not. It will blink as per packets or traffic is sent or received on the Amped wireless device. If there is a problem in the connection, the Wired Activity LED light will blink steadily. If there is no connection found then, the light will turn off automatically.

Power: This is first one LED indicator. The power LED will steady when the smart router device is connected to the power source.

Back panel

Antenna connectors: Yes, it has RJ-SMA antenna which will help you to get more range by plugin the RJ-SMA antenna. It is compatible with almost every antenna with RP-SMA connectors.

Reset: You can press the reset button to reboot this smart repeater. One need to press and hold the 5 to 10 seconds to reboot the repeater.

WPS: You can hold the WPS button for 3 seconds to connect your smartphone to the router using WPS method.

Wired connection: On the back panel of this repeater, you will find 5 LAN cable slot. You can plug up to 5 LAN cable with this device.


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