Network name changes for Asus wi-fi router and extender | Asus wireless repeater setup

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Limited range for the router is one common problem faced by wifi users at home, workplace, etc. Asus wireless repeater setup Take a survey on people who use wifi in their places and ask them what is one suggestion they would make to the wifi company and the most of answers received would be based on providing a comfortable network range for the users. However, with this problem being identified, it has been easily resolved with a range extender introduced in the market. This helps you get better range giving you a much satisfied experience of connecting with the network.

But, there is one problem faced in connection with the wifi router and extender – SSID (the wireless network name) being different from the router name. So, why does this happen? Can’t it be the same? Here you are at the right place with this question. Here you go on the Asus wireless repeater setup having the SSID similar to your router.

Configuring your extender with the same name as the router is much easy and possible with the Graphics User Interface (GUI) of extender. For having the Asus wireless repeater setup being done, follow the steps –

repeater Asus
  • With the help of your browser, get into the website – This mainly helps you access the range extender.
  • Login with your Id and password here, in this website.
  • On logging in, you would find an option called “Network Map”.
  • Click it and choose the most appropriate frequency.
Asus router repeater
Asus wifi repeater
  • On doing this, you get to type and name your extender in the box below frequency.
  • Finishing it up, click the apply option below and tadaaaa!! You are done.

So, this is how you complete the process involved in Asus wireless repeater setup.

One important recommendation on this note would be that, having the same name for your router and extender may sometime be a bit of irritation as your device may keep connecting to the original router and you would often face signal problems. The device may not get a proper connection with the physically closest extender and have a low signal based connection with the actual router. In short, your device may not disconnect from the actual router for connecting with the extender. So, it is highly advisable for you to have a separate name for extender based on the Asus wireless repeater setup, unique from the wi-fi router, available already.


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