Steps how to do amped wireless range extender setup

amped wireless
setup amped wireless

The amped wireless range extender setup is a Wi-Fi coverage extender, its main function is to get the Wi-Fi signal to an area where the signal of the main access point does not reach.

For its configuration, unlike other equipment, it does allow the first connection and configuration via Wi-Fi. Therefore, the first step will be to connect it to the current in a place where we have coverage of the main access point and connect to the Wi-Fi network of the extender link from our PC.

Below you come to know how to do amped wireless range extender setup

  • Once indicated that it is connected, we can start the configuration, for this we need a web browser. In the address bar we must enter the address
  • Once the username and password have been entered, we will enter the wizard or “Quick Setup” of the configuration of the Wi-Fi coverage extender.
amped wireless
  • In this first window, it tells us if we are connected to any Wi-Fi network and the name of that network. As this is the first time we have configured the equipment, the status will be disconnected and the name of the network will be blank.
  • To begin, click on the Next button.
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amped wireless setup
  • In the next section we simply select our country. This option is simply to adapt the configuration options of the equipment to the regulations of each country. Then click next to continue.
  • In the next window, the first step of the team is to look for nearby Wi-Fi networks, for this you need a few seconds, in which you will see a green progress bar that will be filled up to 100%. Once it is complete, it will indicate the Wi-Fi networks that it has detected.
  • In this step, we must simply choose the network we want to repeat and click next. If for some reason, either because it is too far away, or because the router was turned off; if we want to scan the networks again, we must press the “Rescan” button.
amped wireless setup
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  • Once we press next, we will go to the security section, this step; the wizard has already completed all the data, except the Wi-Fi network key, which we must enter in the wireless Password box. Once placed, we can press next.
  • In the next window, it gives us a summary of the configuration made and allows us to choose between:
  • Export Settings: Saves the current configuration of the equipment to a file on the PC.
  • Back: To go back and modify some section of the configuration.
  • Finish: Finish the configuration and restart the device with the new configuration already applied. This is the option that we must choose if all the parameters are correct.

Pressing finish tells us to wait a few minutes for it to restart and apply the new configuration. Once the computer is rebooted we will disconnect from it. Since you have changed the name and password of your Wi-Fi network by the same one you have connected to, so that we will only see a Wi-Fi network, although the signal level will be higher if we are connected to the extender than to the main router.


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