Tenda ac 18 WIFI schedule setup | Tenda router setup

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Tenda ac 18 WIFI schedule setup: Tenda router setup

  • Open a browser then type into http://tendawifi.com address bar then press enter typing login password in the homepage of the router then click Login.
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  • Click wireless setting then choose wifi schedule.
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tenda wifi
  • Setup wifi schedule time.
tenda router setup
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Configure repeater function:

  1. Click wireless setting then click wireless Tenda router setup extender here in this page select universal repeater as extender mode click open scan to view signal of the main router.
  2. connect to main router signal.
  3. Match security settings to be a same main router, then back to page here make sure security mode encryption type and security all the same with the Uplink router then click apply to save.

How to change wireless SSID for Tenda ac 18?

  1. First of all open browser on PC and type in Tenda wireless login address bar then press enter o your keyboard enter login click login.
  2. Then Tap wireless setting choose Wi-Fi name and password.
  3. Here change wireless SSID and security key, Tenda router setup Wi-Fi will disconnect after change wireless SSID and security key you need to scan and connect Wi-Fi again.

Wireless basic setting:

1 You need tologin to the homepage first and type in the address bar of your browser.

  1. After login click on advanced setting.
  2. Here you configure the wireless basic settings, click wireless settings then wireless basic settings. Here you change the name of SSID (wireless network) and click certain channel for your access point.
  3. Configure the wireless security settings, click wireless setting.

How to setup?

  1. Here open browser then type http://tendawifi.comin address bar press enter type password and click login.
  2. Tap VPN and choose PPTP/L2TP client.
  3. Setup PPTP/L2TP.

Configure your computer: Tenda router setup

  • You need to click on the network connection Icon on system bar, then click open network and sharing center.
  • Tap on change adapter settings.
  • Now tap on the Right click of yourlocal connection option and choose the propertiesoption.
  • Double click internet protocol version4.
  • Choose to obtain IP address automatically Tenda router setup and obtain DNS server address automatically then tap ok.
  • Tap ok onfirstlocalconnectionproperties

Setup the router:

  • Here open your browser http://tendawifi.comand type in address bar press enter and go to the homepage of the router. And click start.
  • Click on skip so we can go to advance to setup static IP connection mode.
  • Setup wireless name and password, need to set login password as well and tap on next.
  • Click internet settings click the connection type static IP then input the related network ISP gives you click save.


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