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Blanket your house in reliable Wi-Fi | http://tendawifi.com

If you are leaving in an apartment or detached house and you still frustrated with buffering or drop off at home where the signal is weak or can’treach with the help of mesh technology MW3 create distributed wifi signal that covers up to 300m, here http://tendawifi.com you free with buffering and hassle-free gaming. The MU-MIMO technology can help you to connect your more Wi-Fi- devices, the smart QoS intelligently allocates bandwidth to ensure smooth streaming, downloading, gaming and buffering free video chat at same time.

Step 1.

First of all, connect the antennas to the device and the power adapter to a power outlet, antennas should be positioned upright for best results.

Step 2.

Place range extender midway between router the area without Wi-Fi here you have least 50 percent signal from the router.

tenda wifi
tenda router

Step 3.

Wait for solid light on a panel of extender it will take 2 minutes.

Step 4.

Connect your device to extender wireless setup connect to device default Wi-Fi name where are last three characters of device MAC address, you should connect to start the setup of the range extender.

Wired setup- here you connect your device to http://tendawifi.com  PC using an ethernet cable, make sure your PC is not connected to any Wifi.

Step 5.

On your PC, tablet, Smartphone, open browser and type http://tendawifi.comin theaddress bar and Tap enter, if IP address does work you will need to look the IP address in router DHCP table.

tenda n3
tenda n301

Step 6.

Click on start.

Step 7.

Here license agreement page tap I agree.

Step 8.

Select your Wi-Fi prompted if you have dualand network you see wifi name of both bands. Click the refresh icon scan for networks.

Step 9.

In this step, a spot finder page will open up on the screen from which you candetermine the signal strength between your range extender and router,your device is too far unplug and move it closer to your router and go back to STEP 3 otherwise tap on connecting anyway.

Step 10.

Enter your Wi-Fi password and tap next.

Step 11.

You will configure your extended network, entended network names are automatically appended with 5GHz you can change the names of your extended networks then tap next.


Create administrator password when prompted and enter optional security and click next then your setup is complete.


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